Training Aids

Alignment Pro – Alignment Pro is an all-in-one golf training aid that can be used as a putting aid, a full golf swing aid and a golf alignment stick.
B1 Blue Strike Golf – Official home of the B1 Blue Strike Trainer.
ChippingPro – Chipping training aid. Learn How to chip with the ChippingPro chipping training aid. The best chipping training aid we’ve ever seen.
Eyeline Golf – Most popular golf training aids among top tour players and instructors. EyeLine Golf,#1 training aid company on the PGA, LPGA and Tours. Over 570 pros. Home of the 4 Putting Elements. Designed with Haney, Breed, Utley, McLean and more.
FatPlate Golf – FatPlate is a visual golf aid that encourages you to compress the ball, whilst giving you priceless feedback when you don’t!
Feel the Stretch – Not the golfer you once were? Want to improve your handicap? Here at Feel The Stretch we will help you with the most important stretch in golf and improve your game.
GForce Swing Trainers – Flexible shaft technology helps to improve tempo, rhythm, transition, sequencing and speed. With top coaches Pete Cowen, Andrew Rice, and Masters Champion Danny Willett singing its praises, isn’t it about time you invested in your game improvement?
Golf Grip – The golf-grip is a small pocket-friendly unique product that allows the golfer to achieve the perfect grip position.
Golf Swing Shirt – Golf Swing Shirt can help with every aspect of your game, whether you want to improve your golf swing or just practice putting. – The world’s largest selection of golf teaching and training aids. Serving the industry for more than 35 years, we are your one-stop shop for all your training needs!
Grip Secret – Used by the pros, Grip Secret is the only golf swing trainer guaranteed to help your game or your money back.
HANGER Golf Swing Aid – The best golf swing aid for a flat wrist at the top, flexion in transition, and a PGA-style impact with forward shaft lean. Promotes greater distance and consistent contact.
Hole More Putts – Professional putting made easy with the best golf putting aid available online. Free shipping options available.
IMPACT SNAP – IMPACT SNAP teaches golfers how to use their wrists properly in the golf swing and release like a pro. Used by 22 of the top 100 PGA instructors and 3-time winner of the Best Full Swing Training Aid by Golf Digest. Developed by 4-Time PGA Section Teacher of the Year, Marty Nowicki.
Inputt Golf – INPUTT is the #1-tested portable putting training aid. It will help you build confidence and allow you to drain those 6-10 foot putts and drop 3+ stokes off your round. Develops muscle memory and is suitable for all skill levels.
Laser Putt – Laser Putt gives you real-time data so you can see exactly how you are moving the putter through the stroke. Used by over 100 pros on Tour.
Laser Putting Alignment System – The putting laser alignment system will train your putting by properly aligning your putter face with your intended target.
Moe Norman Golf – Golf training aids from Moe Norman Golf.
Orange Stick Putting Training Aid – Welcome to Orange Golf. Use The Orange Stick putting training aid and make those 3-foot putts!
Pelz Golf – Dave Pelz’s Putting Tutor.
Pendulum Pro – When practicing with the Pendulum Pro, an incorrect movement gives the golfer immediate feedback, building the correct muscle memory patterns for an improved short game. The Pendulum Pro teaches golfers the connected, one-piece pendulum motion, quickly building muscle memory for an improved short game.
Power Package Golf – The #1 training aid on Tour. – Comprehensive range of golf training aids, mats, nets, books and videos.
ProPuttSystems – Indoor putting greens.
ProPutt USA – Looking for the best putting training aid? Improve your putting today with a PROPUTT. This revolutionary putting training aid helps stabilize your lower body while also helping with setup and alignment. PROPUTT is the perfect putting trainer for any golfer.
Pure Stroke Golf – Patented, lightweight putting training aid teaches you to keep your putter face square to the ball and strike the sweet spot every time. – offers a large selection of putting training aids for better alignment and accuracy.
Putt-Rite – Putting speed trainer. Improve speed control and green reading.
Puttist USA – Digital putting training aid. The “Three-Putt Killer”.
PuttOUT Golf – Putting training aids and putting mats. Come inside to see our latest products, details, news and everything else that is happening at PuttOUT.
Refiner Golf – Hinged golf clubs engineered to hit golf balls. When swung correctly the hinge will not break. Instant feedback on your swing. Rated best golf training aids available on the market.
Saber Golf Training Aids – Complete line of golf training aids as well as the Saber line of golf putters the Saber Cat and Saber Hawk which were recently launched at the 100th PGA Championship by owner-inventor, Tour player and coach Craig Hocknull.
Speed Stik – The Speed Stik.
Super Sonic X10 – Golf training aid to help you swing faster and drive farther.
SuperSpeed Golf – Improve your distance with the #1 overspeed training system in golf. SuperSpeed Golf helps players of all abilities increase their swing speed with short video instruction training protocols. Our system is used by over 30 PGA Tour professionals to help them hit longer drives.
Super Swing Trainer – Super Swing Trainer is the Number 1 golf swing training aid. It reduces golf strokes in less than 30 days. Use what the pros use. The only golf swing trainer with exercise cords.
Sure-Set – Sure-Set trains you to ‘set’ the club into the correct loaded position with great swing width, on the right plane and with the proper angles. Used by over 120 pros on all major tours.
Swing Speed Golf – Why use swing speed golf aids? The Swing Speed Golf training aid is designed to improve your swing speed while providing a core muscle workout.
Swingyde – The ultimate training tool. Golf lessons made easy. Buy it here!
T-Stroke Putting Training Aid – T-Stroke putting training aid designed by Andy Gorman. – All the latest golf training tools and swing training devices to improve your golf swing. Full swing trainers, putting trainers, alignment aids, tempo trainers, fitness training devices, swing path and short game training aids.
The Perfect Putter – The Perfect Putter puts the perfect roll on a golf ball every time. It will teach you how to visualize putts better and will help you lower your scores.
The Navigator Putting Aid – The Navigator will help you aim the putter and roll the golf ball with confidence. Trusted by top touring professionals and the most talented golf coaches in the world. 100% Made in USA. 30-Day No-Hassle Money-Back Guarantee. A great golf gift!
The Putting Arc – Golf’s #1 putting training aid.
The Putting Stick – Provides precise visual feedback so you can monitor and improve your stroke. Used by over 150 players on the pro tours.
The Rimer – The Rimer is golf’s ultimate training aid designed to help you lock in the ideal ball position whether you’re putting, chipping, or hitting full-swing shots. Learn how a consistent ball position with every club in your bag can help lower your scores.
True Pendulum Motion (TPM) – True Pendulum Motion (TPM) is a golf putting training aid that will help you achieve a confident, consistent and repeatable putting stroke.
Total Golf Trainer – Purchase the Total Golf Trainer today to replace multiple products. Easy to use. Fixes all swing faults. Endorsed by Mike Bender.
Tour Angle 144 – TourAngle144 is a golf swing trainer which promotes perfect posture, a unified takeaway and teaches you to hold a powerful angle until impact with every club. The Tour Angle 144 places your club at the same angle tour pros use.
Tour Links – The premier golf putting green system in the world with over 2 million sq. ft. of panels sold and thousands of golfers installing outdoor and indoor greens.
Tour Striker – Tour Striker PW and Tour Striker 7-Iron training clubs have been designed so you intuitively teach yourself how to deliver the “sweet spot” of the club to the ball like an expert ball striker. Enhance your ball striking skills today!
Tour Tempo – Improve your golf swing tempo speed and create more distance for longer drives. – The Putting Stroke Teacher is the perfect golf putting aid to start making more putts. It gets you to set-up square every time, promotes a straight path down the line at impact, and creates a more solid impact by hitting putts in the centre of the face.
Visio Putting – Our online shop provides putting aids to golf professionals and amateurs.
WellPutt – Exclusive golf training aids to improve your performance through advanced technology.
Zepp Golf – Improve your swing, club speed and tempo, get tutorials from PGA Tour pros and use 3D and video swing analysis tools to improve your game. Download free trainer app today.