Golf Shafts

The golf shafts industry is highly competitive, technologically-driven and innovative. Current estimates place the value of the golf shaft market globally at about $650 million per annum and this figure is expected to rise to more than $750 million over the next decade. For hundreds of years golf was played with hickory shafts but nowadays shafts come in a variety of materials, including steel, graphite and titanium. Different weights, stiffness options and bend-points are available for drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons and putters. Players with fast swing speeds require stiff, low-torque shafts to retain control of the golf ball whereas clubs for women and kids typically have softer, more flexible shafts to help get the ball airborne. Major brands on the golf shaft market include True Temper, Aldila, Aerotech, Fujikura and Grafalloy. Other brands such as KBS, Nippon Shaft, Graphite Design, Project X, Mitsubishi, Matrix and Harrison are also popular. Many golfers, particularly professionals, low-handicap amateurs and players who compete in long driving events, like to experiment by changing shafts themselves. Components companies facilitate this by providing custom shafts, shaft extractors, shafting beads, epoxy, grips and grip solvents. – Suppliers of custom golf clubs and high quality golf components. Custom TaylorMade and Krank drivers plus Matrix and Miyazaki golf shafts.
Aldila Golf Shafts – Aldila are one of the world’s leading golf shaft manufacturers.
Apollo Golf Shafts – Apollo golf shafts.
Basileus Golf – Basileus Golf USA supply premium golf shafts.
Black Ops Golf Shafts – Years of experience leading up to an unbeatable pro experience. Hundreds of hours spent to build the right, quality product.
Clubmaker Online – Clubmaking components and golf shafts from Mitsubishi, Fujikura, Graphite Design, Aldila, True Temper, and Matrix.
Frankly Golf – Frank Thomas, inventor of the graphite shaft and former USGA technical director, is dedicated to helping golfers improve their game through delivering better golf products, information and services.
FST Golf Shafts – Femco Steel Technology (FST) has now become the second largest source of steel golf shafts in the world. Precision manufacturing and innovative designs produce shafts that are growing in popularity with golfers and club makers all over the globe.
Fujikura Golf Shafts – Fujikura golf shafts for drivers, hybrids, irons, fairway woods, and wedges. Get your Fujikura Speeder, Blur, EXS, Fuel shafts either assembled with your favourite driver or shipped out as a component.
Fujikura Golf – Announcing a new flighted collection of shafts designed and developed for Tour – the Atmos Tour spec. – Select the correct flex, torque, weight and bend-point for your golf shafts. – Quality golf club components including heads, shafts and grips at discount pricing since 1987. – supply assembled clubs, components, golf accessories, golf bags and more.
Golf Ezy – Supply Aerotech, True Temper, Project X, Aldila, Grafalloy and Matrix and Nippon shafts as well as Golf Pride and a range of accessories for club fitters in Greater China.
GolfMechanix – Manufacturers of swing weight scales, lie and loft bending machines, shaft cutters, shaft extractors, gripping stations and swing speed analyzers. – Golf shaft measurements, golf shaft tests and comments by independent fitters and PGA golf professionals.
Golf Shafts Asia – Largest supplier of premium golf shafts including Fujikura, Graphite Design, KBS and Nippon steel shafts.
Golf Store Pro – Suppliers of an extensive range of golf club-making components, grips, shafts and tape as well as golf bags and other golfing accessories.
Grandura Golf Shafts – Grandura Golf. Handcrafted golf shafts.
Great Golf – Specialists in Aerotech golf shafts including the full Steelfiber line.
Harrison Golf Shafts – Harrison products include Mugen, Mugen Black, Mugen Prototype, Eclipse, Saga, Zypher, Star Plus, Capri, Steel Lite, Pro 2.5, Striper, Striper Tour, Profession and Premier Lite shafts.
Hireko Golf – Hireko Golf specializes in custom-fit golf equipment, golf components, golf accessories and golf technical information.
KBS Golf Shafts – Since its inception in 2008, KBS has set a new standard in steel golf shafts.
KBS Shaft Online Shop – For great deals on KBS shafts, check out KBS’s shaft selection where you can buy every KBS shaft online. – Suppliers of long drive golf shafts.
Matrix Golf Shafts – Matrix golf shafts for drivers, woods, irons, and hybrids. Range includes Matrix Ozik, Xcon, Code, and Altus shafts. – Pro, Lite and Tour shafts available now to enable the next level of golf shaft fitting
Nakashima Golf – Nakashima Golf.
Nippon Golf Shafts – Nippon graphite shafts and Nippon steel golf shafts for drivers, woods, irons, and hybrids. For NS Pro Modus and 950GH at low prices, shipped out the same day.
Nippon Shaft – Nippon Shaft has revolutionized the golf game, making its shafts the defining component of the ultimate obsession.
Paderson Shafts – Paderson shafts.
Penley Golf Shafts – Carter Penley has re-emerged as a major player in the golf shaft market introducing the ET2 shaft, a significant upgrade of the original and highly popular ETA. –
RT Technologies – RT Technologies’ premier shafts are rigorously tested and are among the highest quality golf shafts on the market. – enables golf enthusiasts to test the best golf shafts on the market first hand.
Shimada Shafts – Shimada Shafts have been developing and producing high performance steel shafts for over 80 years.
SST PURE – The best golfers rely on SST PURE® shaft alignment to make sure their golf clubs perform consistently.
Talamonti Golf Shafts – Talamonti Shafts is a company founded by golf industry veteran Phil Talamonti of The Woodlands, TX. Phil has done extensive work with hundreds of players on the PGA Tour.