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Cheshire Golf Studio – Cheshire Golf Studio. Golf psychology.
Chris Jenkins Golf – The nature of golf allows for a considerable amount of thinking time between shots, which, at various times, can appear to be both helpful and unhelpful.
Competitive Edge – Competitive Edge: competitive advantage, mental toughness.
Dr. Nick Molinaro – Dr. Nick Molinaro – Dr. Nick Molinaro is a licensed clinical psychologist, with expertise in performance and sport psychology and a speciality in golf psychology. Dr. Nick helps amateur and professional golfers improve focus, concentration, and performance in practice and in play.
Fearless Golf – Gio Valiante’s Fearless Golf is great for both amateur and professional golfers alike. Golf psychology and golf mental game techniques.
Fluid Motion Golf – Fluid Motion Golf: Drink the Fluid Juice.
Golf Is A Mind Game – Golf psychology and professional golf coaching. Learn great golf mental tips by enrolling in golf training and golf coaching sessions with Jon Adler, golf psychologist and coach in Dorset, England.
Golf Mental Tips – Golf Mental Tips: Golf psychology in bite-size pieces.
Golf Mind – Welcome to Golf Mind. Mental skills to improve your golf. For players, coaches and psychologists/mind coaches who would like to further their knowledge of the application of psychological skills in golf.
Golf Psychology Coaching – Golf Psychology Coaching Certificate. – The Golf Hypnotist. Improve your golf with golf hypnosis, golf NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), self-hypnosis for golf and golf psychology plus golf hypnosis MP3 programmes.
Golfing Psychology – Golfing Psychology is a website that helps you get your mind in the right place to play your best golf. – Golf psychology and online golf mental game coaching that is PGA Tour-researched and proven. Get the same golf mental game training our Tour clients have used to win 31 Major Championships. Greater consistency and improved performance is the payoff for optimizing your golf psychology and will give you a huge advantage in competition.
Ian Hardie – Ian Hardie’s Practical Golf Psychology Workshop. This two-hour workshop takes a look at the dominant (but usually ignored) role that the mind plays in allowing you to perform well on the golf course. Or more commonly for most golfers, the role that their mind plays in keeping them frustrated with their golf game!
Jared Tendler – Jared Tendler’s Golf Psychology Coaching. Learn how to improve the mental side of your golf game with performance coach Jared Tendler.
John F. Murray – US Olympic Sport Psychologist Dr. John McCauley, provides mental skills training for all ages.
London Golf Sports Psychologist – Golf psychologist Dr Victor Thompson offers help for yips, stress, anxiety, performance, confidence, motivation. Mental skills and psychological techniques to improve golf and putting performance. Free tips on website.
Louise Ellis – Overthinking during golf putting can have negative results on performance and increase muscle tension. Discover how to train your mind to improve your golf putting performance. – Golf psychology with professional results. Customize your game for your age, playing level and goals you want to achieve with Mario Beky Golf Psychology.
Mastering Golf Psychology – Home of the International Golf Psychology Association.
Mental Golf Academy – Mental Golf Academy provides mental coaching for golfers using golf hypnosis, golf psychology and NLP. We also offer articles, videos, and products on the mental side of golf. Start training your mind today and develop your mental golf game.
Peak Sports – Peak Sports golf psychology programs.
Pro Golf IQ – Play more consistent shots by getting rid of all negative thoughts. With Pro Golf IQ’s mental golf training you are in the zone, thinking like a Pro.
Renegade Golf Training – Here at The Renegade Golf Training Institute, we take a slightly different path toward golf psychology and mental game mastery. Big surprise, eh?
Seattle Sport Psychology – Dr. Chidester works with current and former athletes of all levels from many sports on performance issues and life concerns. Seattle Sport Psychology, Bellevue, WA 98005. – Download the ‘Great Golf’ self-hypnosis audio program by Barrie St John. Use advanced hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to improve your golf swing, golf putting and more.
Sport Psychology Today – Discover how mental training can help players develop key mental skills to compliment the mechanics of the game. Sports psychology, peak performance, mental game of golf, mental toughness training.
Sports Psychology Golf – Sports Psychology Golf.
The Golf Psychology Podcast – The Golf Psychology Podcast by Mental Game Expert Dr. Patrick Cohn.
The Martin Effect – Golf Psychology. The Martin Effect.
THINQ Golf – Get in the Zone with brain game training for golfers. Mental game of golf mobile App with 5 golf brain games designed by neuroscientists, sports psychologists and golf experts to improve on-course golf performance.